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Lanxi Changyun plexiglass Co., Ltd. is a professional company which focuses on the production, development and development of plexiglass panel. It has accumulated rich professional experience in the field of plexiglass, and enjoys a high reputation in China.

The company is located in the beautiful Lanxi light industrial park, covering an area of about 40 mu. There are 4338 square meters of standard factory buildings and more than 100 workers. The company introduced international advanced technology and invested 50 million yuan to build five production lines of plexiglass casting plate, with an annual production capacity of more than 3000 tons, which is one of the largest production bases of plexiglass plate in Asia.


The company purchased MMA raw materials from lucote (China) Chemical Co., Ltd., imported glass mould from Pilkington company of England, and adopted imported color paste. The quality of the plate produced is excellent, which is sold to 90% of the large, medium and small cities in China.

In addition to the production of ordinary plexiglass plate (such as transparent plate, color plate, etc.), the company also produces special plexiglass plate (such as embossed cloth board, flame retardant board, light guide plate, black and white, green and white board, etc.).

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The panels produced by Lanxi Changyun Plexiglass Co., Ltd. are of high quality and are sold to 90% of all large, medium and small cities across the country.


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